UIN Staff

The NBA’s crucifixion of Kyrie   means it’s time to talk to their sponsors

In a perverse display of power, the NBA’s attempt to bring Kyrie Irving to heel is reminiscent of the “Buck breaking” tactics slave owner used against Alpha males.

  If a Black male slave (I designate Black because there were tens of thousands of white slaves: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=qhw1ATYxWcQ&t=11s) exhibited any sign of standing up for himself or protecting other slaves, he would be made an example of. https://youtu.be/FMPFQo5V-lA

Depending on how defiant he was, in many cases, they would strip him naked, had another slave whip  him until his skin was in shreds, sodomized him in front of the women slaves and then tied him to a horse and drug him until his limbs fell off.

If they let him live, they would castrate him so he could not make babies because Alpha males generally produce Alpha offspring.

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So what was Kyrie’s crime? The NBA said he was promoting antisemitism by posting a link to a book that explained how the Hebrews were an African people. Anyone with a modicum of religious knowledge knew this is a fact. The truth has always been available except now with the internet, white media does not have a monopoly on the minds of Black people.

All one has to do is “Google or Yahoo” the word semite. That lable is not exclusive to the owners of NBA franchises. Their arrogance demand that the term only apply to them and by extension the claim of “God’s chosen people”.

To address the notion of Gods chosen people, the work of Noble prize winning geneticist Svente Paabo of the Max Planke Institute offers some clarity. His findings on DNA has been available for at least a decade and he lectures all over the world. But, he was awarded the Noble prize just this year because his work had to be validated an reviewed by his peers. His discoveries add to the discussion of who is chosen. Are the owners that clueless. They are sparking interest in the topic which will lead to more research and less ignorance’

 So the NBA may have terrified the other players after what they see being done to Kunte, I mean Kyrie but not his fans. Many are calling Nike and other NBA sponsors to tell the league to back off or face a world wide boycott of their products.