by Tim Moore,UIN

Facebook is not the problem. The problem is Black folks over dependence on this platform to communicate. We use it to seek approval, validate our lives, destroy other Black people (if, however you say too much about White folks, even a killer cop, they will not post it), waste time we will never get back and donate hundreds of millions of dollars in intellectual property for free.

A friend told me that they can stay in touch with friends. I say people send Facebook notes to friends that may never see it, in lieu of a phone call or dropping a card in the mail.

People say they use it for cheap advertising. Facebook collects $5 to $20 from millions of people for ads with questionable results. While Facebook does not pay for the massive contributions of the intellectual property of Black folks, Zuckerberg and friends are making billions. Maybe it is a vicarious relation that the Black community has with Mark. You know, like, “yes, my pastor should drive a Bentley”.

Facebook does all of this and they have consistently shown that they don’t care much for Black folks. They hire very few Blacks. They allowed the Russians to target us to make America hate us more which shows they have contempt for you. Yet, you go back for more.

(I have changed the narrative to second person, so those who engage in this will know who I am speaking to)

We are in an age where you really don’t need these giant “digital plantations” to get stuff done. You don’t have to get and share your news on that platform. It is like dumping your info into a white hole where it disappears. Even after the Emancipation Proclamation, many Blacks stayed on the plantation. Black people, you don’t need Facebook. You have options. UIN is one. Ancestor Harriet said; “I would have freed more, if they only knew they were slaves”

What I find is most irresponsible is depositing high quality social commentary on the Facebook platform. When you publish something in a newspaper, you can go back 100 years and find your articles and commentary.

When you post you thoughts on Facebook, in 100 minutes it may be lost forever. Thus, we have no record of our history. There is no reference for our young people to find out how we dealt with a particular situation.

Once you give the important task of preserving your history (the written word is definitely history) to someone else, you open the door to your demise. They can  then tell our young people that Ancient Egypt was an Arab civilization, that you had no problem being a slave, and that Jesus was a White guy (who hid out in Egypt among the Native African inhabitants).

Come on people, build and/or support your own.